Buyer Select

Buyer Select is the HUD Home program that allows buyers to select their own closing attorney, much like any other closing on a home purchase. Closing attorneys no longer need to be on the approved attorney list for the asset managers, but there are additional pages to the standard HUD contract referred to as the “Buyer Select Addendum.”

Closing agents are assigned a Title ID number unique to their firm which is included several places on the contract addendum. Additionally, some asset managers require an original blue signature page from the closing attorney. We are more than happy to sign these at your request for any transaction that Thomas and Brown closes.

To expedite your process, we have posted a copy of the sample signature page on the Buyer Select Addendum for you to use while filling in your forms, including our Title ID number and all of our contact information, as well as bar license numbers. Thank you for closing your HUD Home purchase with Thomas and Brown!

Please open with Adobe Acrobat to view with previously completed fields.

Woodstock (ID Number Thomas0010)

East Cobb (ID Number Thomas0012)